Help Sal Velluto pay his medical bills, and win a unique signed Phantom Cover.

Ok phans,

Sal Velluto needs to pay for his medical bills. We as Phans need to help him, so Blueagent wanted to arrange this fundraiser.

We have this piece of original cover art that will be auctioned off:

3995058-omslag+fa201408         20141208_015809

Published by Egmont, issue 8/2014 and signed by Sal Velluto

This piece of art by Velluto has been donated by the site owner.

These are the rules:

The lowest unique bid given, after the auction ends, will win the signed Phantom cover.

Every single bid costs $5.00 USD plus Paypal fees, and you can bid as many times as you like.

So, if you want to bid 4 times, it will cost you $20.00 USD plus Paypal transfer fees on your end.

The bid range starts at $0.00 USD.

There are 5 different increments of bidding per USD:

$0.00, $0.25, $0.50, $0.75, $1.00 and so on.


Bidder 1:

bid 1: $0.00, bid 2: $0.25, bid 3: $0.50, bid 4: $0.75, bid 5: $1.00

Now that’s 5 bids in total.

This means bidder 1 has just contributed to Sal Vellutos fundraiser $25.00 USD, and he is now in the competition for winning this unique Phantom cover.

Bidder 2: also places five bids:

bid 1: $0.00, bid 2: $0.25 bid 3: $0.50, bid 4: $0.75, bid 5: $2.25

So bidder 2 has also given Sal Velluto $25.00 USD. He is also in the competition for winning this unique Phantom cover.

Bidder 1 and bidder 2 have almost the same bids except for bid number 5 which differs.

So in this case both bidder 1 and bidder 2 have two live unique bids for the artwork. Bidder 1 has $1.00 USD. Bidder 2 has $2.25 USD.

They both compete by these unique bids for winning the cover, but right now bidder 1 has the edge. depending on future bidders, they could both still be the winner of the auction.

The other 8 bids are not unique, they will be cancelled, if other bidders bid the same, those bids will be cancelled. 

All bids will be kept a secret during auction so you are betting in the dark.

If $1.00 USD remains the lowest unique bid after auction closes, bidder 1 has won this signed Phantom cover.

This will be his total money spent:

The unique bid he wins the artwork for. The money he transferred on Paypal, plus fees on his end (please put them as gift) and actual shipping rate from Sweden. That’s it!

Fair? We thought so.

Please be advised, this is just another way of you showing that you care for Sal. You should look at this as a supportive way of helping him.

Please understand this, Blueagent will not keep any money and if you win a cover, it is yours, for a great price, and a great cause, that’s just a bonus!

We will send Sal the money after auction is finished.

We will make sure to include anyone who has contributed by full name on the Phantomleaks Facebook group.

So when does this auction end:

It ends on July 20th at 6:00pm CET.

And how do you bid?

Its simple.

You log on to Paypal. You pay the amount you want (your bid plus the $5.00 USD bid fee), with a minimum of $5.00 USD per bid and fees on your end.

You send the money by Paypal, as gift and the recipient email to use is

You put your name in the message field together with the amount of your bid, $0.00 to whatever figure you want in USD, (Very important).

The increment levels per USD is $0.00, $0.25, $0.50, $0.75 and then we have a new dollar. Those are the stages you will use, that is important.

The winner will be announced on the 21st of July 2016 on this blog.

The total funds raised for Sal will also be presented, and the names of the contributors.

Please help Sal Velluto fight cancer, and support a great artist who has given us so much joy over the years. Please subscribe to our newsletter and share this blog post.

Thank you.







Meet the BlueAgent


Ögonblicksbild 5 (2015-11-02 05-06)
Hanging out with Doug Klauba in Chicago in 2015

So this is me. I’m Erik, I live in Sweden and I have an American girlfriend. I have spent a few years in the States, and still do a substantial amount of traveling back and forth.

I’m a father, and I have a great interest in comics and comic art. I’m not as knowledgeable with props, memorabilia and toys, but as life goes on I’m still learning, and the Phantom is my passion. I would say, I have a pretty good knowledge about Phantom original artwork, especially the Scandinavian artwork but also North American artists. Many of these artists have grown into good friends over the years.

Now why would I design a blog for the Ghost Who Walks? I think there are plenty of reasons, but these are my major ones. First of all I still remember getting my first Phantom comic back in 1984, around that time I also became a member of the Swedish “Fantomenklubben”. Now that membership is for life, and I’ve told Sy Barry many times that he was the reason for me getting hooked.

“The great one” Sy Barry, a wonderful man, hang time in New York 2015

Marvel and DC have developed, through a great effort by Stan Lee, many successful characters over the years. The Phantom, however, has not been developed to the extent that I was hoping for as a kid. We used to see the Phantom on milk bottles, on candy, in school when buying soft drinks. There was even a Phantom amusement park in Eskilstuna Sweden that had an entire concept with a jungle, animals and a Phantom actor all year round.

Sweden used to hold the unofficial world record in sold copies for one issue of a comic. It was the wedding issue in 1978 and I don’t know what happened after that. I know this though, Sweden sold that issue in almost 1 million copies, in a country that had a population at that time, of 8 million people. That is pretty extreme.

I also know from interviews with the editorial staff of the “Team Fantomen” that Semic, the publisher that was purchased by Egmont back in the mid 90s, was supposed to be good at producing not marketing. I was told that it was one of the reasons that Semic sold the Phantom to Egmont. Egmont still produces quality work, really good with the budget they have, but the Phantom needs some steroids. There are plenty of reasons why Egmont has downsized every year, and many of far greater importance then what I’m aware of,  but marketing is one of the major reasons why such a strong brand continued to fail. I know the potential, and I think you as a reader agree that this can be changed. Egmont or ‘Bulls’ as we refer to them in Scandinavia who hold the official license from KFC, were supposed to be good at marketing, but no offense, I haven’t seen that over the past 15 years.

Knut Westad and I in Norway 2015

Today the sad truth is that comics in Sweden are going downhill. There are some bright stars in the comic industry. One of them I believe is Andreas Eriksson. He knows how to do things, and I hope he will get the tools to make it happen in the future.

I’m not lying if I say this though. The Phantom in Sweden does quality work, but hangs on by a thin thread. I believe that when fat 40 year-old men like myself, stop reading comics in about 20 to 30 years we will have a gap. That is in my book a cultural setback.

So friends of the Phantom, what can we do about this? I think despite some hard words, that there is plenty we can do. One of the things you can do is start by supporting this blog, and spreading the word.

I will say this though. I’m a collector like many of you guys who bother to read this. I do specialize in selling and marketing but I’m doing it all for the passion of the art, artists, the character, the heritage and keeping a part of culture and values that symbolizes what I believe in and what I try to teach my kids.

Rolf Gohs and I hang time in Stockholm 2016

So there we go, Alea iacta est. I do not use any banners at this point but it might be something to look into for the future. I would really appreciate it if you guys supported me by subscribing to this blog. It doesn’t only mean that you get to know things I might find out first.

What it will give you is an opportunity to watch new podcasts or invitations for future live events or opportunities to order commissions by artists who I am friends with.

Please support me, and also check the latest blogpost about my trip to the McCoy exhibition outside Stockholm. You can interact by posting here for discussions, and material, contact me whenever you like.

I have channeled a few other future options on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and this blog to spread the word. You can share blogposts from this pages directly by clicking the icons on the left.

Finally, I have decided to change the name of my Facebook group “Phantom Artists and Their Artwork”  to “Phantomleaks”. Phantomleaks is represented on Instagram and Twitter too, so don’t be a stranger.

I love you guys, it’s late, I’m hitting the sack, stay safe ^^


A great day Stockholm


Last weekend I was heading to the Phantom exhibition in Bålsta, outside Stockholm. I won’t show you the entire exhibition, but I will show you a few of my own pieces that were put on display.

The entrance to Lasse Åbergs comic museum in Bålsta, north of Stockholm

The topic was Wilson McCoy and his artwork, but there was also many other artists represented. An entire wall was dedicated to Wilson McCoy and I contributed with a few Wilson McCoy dailies and a Sunday page.

They were displayed in stands in the exhibition area. It looked very professional, just they way I think Phantom artwork should be presented. I have to thank Lasse for this, and also the man behind all this, a collector named Martin Löwe who is very dedicated to Wilson McCoys work.

Here is my artwork on display:

A set of 3 Wilson McCoy dailies. and the first issue of the Swedish Phantom comic from 1950.
And one of my Wilson McCoy Sunday pages on display. To the left there’s an issue of the first Phantom Christmas album from 1945 and one of the first issues of the comic.

The place for this exhibition is a comic art museum owned by Lasse Åberg, a TV legend, an artist and a great entertainer who lives and works in Bålsta, just north of Stockholm.

Lasse has been collecting artwork and been a part of the artistic comic world for decades. Lasse has also illustrated his own artistic line of Disney characters, and he is very well known for his talent and authority in the collector’s world.

According to a leading newspaper in Sweden, “Svenska Dagbladet” this how Åberg expressed himself about this exhibition:

“The Phantom was an integral part of pop culture for many decades. In recent years, however, the Ghost who walks  found it difficult to assert himself in competition with superheroes like Batman and Spiderman.

-I think its partly a debenture issue. Marvel is good at Marketing Spiderman and the Phantom movie that was produced in 1996 wasn’t particularly exciting. ”

DSC00503 - kopia
Lee Falk together with Sture Hegerfors and Lasse Åberg at the Comic Convention in Gothenburg 1985

This is for sure something that he is right about. I feel strongly that the first costumed Superhero deserves a better faith. The target group for this exhibition would not be an audience of 20-year-olds, frankly because they don’t recognize the character.

There were a lot of other artists represented in this exhibition. Names like Rolf Gohs, Romano Felmang, Heiner Bade, Kari Leppänen and Sy Barry all had published originals in the showroom. As this is an ongoing event, I will not show those pictures. Remind me in a few months and I will get back on the subject. Some artwork was rather exclusive, even for me who has seen quite a bit.

The cool part is there were pieces that I thought were lost to history, but they surfaced in this exhibition, and that is why it was worth going there.

Apart from artists who had been members of the “Team Fantomen” there was Phantom related artwork presented by Swedish artists like Jan Håfström (In 2014 he put up the famous seven-meter statue of the Phantom aka Mr Walker in the railroad park, close to the central train-station in Stockholm)

Jan Håfströms seven meter statue downtown Stockholm facing the the community hall “Tre Kronor” (also the name of the Swedish national team in hockey)

Marie-Louise Ekman, Carl Johan de Geer and Kristina Elander also showed their Phantom related artwork. Parts of which are shown in this picture but I’ve really tried my very best to stay away from showing the goodies.

Examples of non “team Fantomen” exhibition artwork. Centered in the picture we see many expressions of Carl Johan de Geers red Phantoms, based on Ray Moores illustrations.

If you would like to see this exhibition, this is the link:

I think this was a great initiative. We have to understand that the character has a great potential for continuing a successful path into the future. It all depends on how creative the Swedish publishers allow themselves to become.

I don’t want the Phantom to get lost on the secret Phantom trail in the deep woods of Bengal.